Dynamism, cohesion and interdependence: Brugnotto Group

Dynamism, cohesion and interdependence: Brugnotto Group

Brugnotto Shop Interiors is the division of Brugnotto Group which produces modular furniture systems for shops and exhibition spaces.

Founded in 2009, 40 km from the city of Venice, Brugnotto Shop Interiors brings together the most modern production technologies, along with skilled professionals and designers with great experience in fashion retail design, in its 18,000 m2 premises.

Brugnotto Shop Interiors offers innovative furniture solutions for commercial spaces and public places, thanks to the ability to combine more materials, such as woods with particular finishes, precious and painted metals, textiles and upholsteries.

The materials are processed within the company with care and craftsmanship making Brugnotto Shop Interiors a unique and exclusive reality.
Although the markets have radically changed over the last few years, Brugnotto Shop Interiors has managed to adapt through careful attention and prudent choices, proving to be able to maintain the high quality standard of its products and at the same time defending the true Made In Italy.

Nowadays, Brugnotto Shop Interiors is able to evaluate and export innovative and revolutionary concepts in the field of shopfitting both nationally and internationally.


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