Hi Contract – The Merchant of Venice

Hi Contract – The Merchant of Venice

The passion for quality and innovation, together with respect for tradition, makes of Hi Contract an ideal partner. It gave the company the opportunity to be chosen by The Merchant of Venice for the design of sophisticated mono-brand stores. From 2016, stores have opened in Verona, Milan and Florence.

With a combination of the most modern technologies and craftsmanship, the contractor of Treviso transforms woods and other composite materials into volumes, surfaces and extraordinary objects of excellent qualities. It gives life to a suggestive and exclusive environment, from the wood of the structure and personalized trays for bottles to the carpets up to the lighting. Every detail of the furniture was created by the Hi Contract expert and dynamic team.

There are history and culture at the base of The Merchant of Venice project, a fascinating combination for a product excellence.
The brand recalls the ancient art of perfume that originated in the city of Venice and its trade with the Far East. The historical and valuable brand is expressed in precious fragrances conceived by the olfactory skills of master perfumers who reinterpret ancient recipes. Sophisticated creations that derive from it are contained in precious bottles inspired by the millenary art of the Murano glass.

The Merchant of Venice concept draws inspiration and reaches culmination from the first Perfume Museum. It was strongly desired by Mavive and created thanks to an agreement between the historic Venetian perfume company and the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation.

Uniqueness, culture and elegance are The Merchant of Venice’s key values. They are told through the details of exclusive collections that are divided into a wide range of Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, products for the person and the domestic environment.


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