How Teresa Sapey sees the Restyle of the Bugnotto showroom?

How Teresa Sapey sees the Restyle of the Bugnotto showroom?

Teresa Sapey is an architect and designer. Born in Turin but based in Madrid, she set up the Teresa Sapey + Partners studio, specialised in designing and renovating non-places like parking garages, railways, stations. Her colourful and ironic style combines art, functionality and design.

Together with her, we retrace the project for the restyling of the showroom of Brugnotto Group, a space for the personality of the company and its divisions, each one with a dedicated room.

The centrepiece is a unique artwork, which Teresa Sapey wanted to design specifically for Brugnotto Group: a composition in the boiserie at the entrance created by using only original turned pieces.

Let’s start with blue, the color that represents Teresa Sapey + partners studio.

In the room dedicated to Hi Contract, we decided to combine the elegance of blue and the productive soul of Brugnotto Group, with walnut wood essence.

What was the inspiration for the circular meeting room?

For the meeting space, we wanted to bring together the soul of the Brugnotto family with its industrial vocation. The result is a room, which combines the past, present and future of the company, from wood to the passion for cycling. The whole area is indeed dedicated to cycling: the colours used recall the Grand Tours and the niches host all the trophies won over the years.

While walking into the areas dedicated to Hi Display and Hi Retail, it seems to be in two very different spaces.

In the Hi Display room projects, products and displays become real protagonists. The visitor will enjoy an immersive experience, surrounded by the shades of the rainbow and mirrors.

Hi Retail has instead the atmosphere of a real mall: you have the impression of walking between arches and shop windows set up with the latest trends.


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