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arredo negozio - shop furniture

How to choose the furniture for optical shops?

In this article we would like to make some considerations and give you some tips to keep in mind to design the furniture for an optical shop which not only is nice, but also profitable. Let’s see how to stand out! Before we start giving you our tips to have an optical shop, we would[…..]

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arredo negozio tabaccheria - shop furniture for tobacco shops

How to boost sales of your tobacco shop with the right shop furniture?

Do you know that you can boost sales of your tobacco shop also thanks to choosing the right shop furniture? Especially in this period of health emergency, having the right furniture can encourage sales. Let’s see in detail why in this new article. When you decide to start a new business, or simply give new[…..]

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Arredo negozio - shop furniture

Furniture for newsstand: how to make your shop furniture futuristic

Times are really hard for traditional newsstands. With the advent of digital technology, print media is leaving more and more space to the digital versions. But are all newsstands closing? No, this is why we have decided to give you some tips for the furniture of your newsstand! Like we said before, times are really[…..]

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Arredo farmacia - Pharmacy furniture

Pharmacy furniture: attention to design and functionality

Pharmacy furniture requires special attention, in terms of both interior design and functionality. Let’s see how to furnish your own pharmacy. The world of pharmacy furniture has changed considerably and is constantly evolving, especially considering the current safety regulations resulting from the worldwide pandemic. Besides, people frequent pharmacies more and more due to the new[…..]

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Vetrina negozio

Space-saving solutions for your shop window

Shop furniture is changing, especially considering the general reduction of the surface area of shops. Shops are getting smaller and smaller, this is why they need complete and well-studied furniture, especially in the city centre. Let’s see how to make it unique. It is nothing new: shops are getting smaller and smaller, especially in the[…..]

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