Shop Furniture: RiEvolution with Brugnotto

Shop Furniture: RiEvolution with Brugnotto

2020 started ad the year of RiEvolution for Brugnotto Group: our participation in the EuroShop fair in Düsseldorf last February begun a new organisation of the company, starting from a new group image.

After 10 years of activity, the Shop Interiors division changed its skin and gives way to Hi Retail, whose name already tells us its mission: high-quality elements with a sophisticated design for the shopfitting industry.

Hi Retail will also be a synonym for interior design to 360 degrees: no longer just single products but a skillful product mix, together with the amazing range of wood and metal finishes, which will give life to an ever-changing context. The variety of combinations will suit every kind of business activity, both in the food and non food industry, expertly represented by our Enjoy line.

Enjoy presents our modular products, which are skilfully assembled and mixed, to give life to settings with a strong character and visual impact.

On Stage, The Cave and Vibrant redefine the idea of meeting place, taking it to a higher level of style and design. On Stage – bakery allure is the modern bakery, with dark tones and a specific lighting for the product, which becomes a star, like an actor in the spotlight. The Cave is our proposal for a contemporary wine shop, where quality wine stands next to beers with an original play of lights and mirrors.


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