Shop furniture: what should we expect?

Shop furniture: what should we expect?

Interview with Maurizio Favetta, architect and designer owner of King Size Design studio, in Milan. Together we analysed the future of the retail world, trying to imagine how commercial spaces will evolve.

Architect, how do you imagine the store of the future?

I imagine the store of the future as a system of interactive and informative flagship stores, located in a virtual environment where you will find just the iconic products in a very captivating context. The physical interactive experience will disappear in favour of the relationship between your own smartphone and the surrounding space. This context seems to depenalise the store at first, but I am convinced that its role instead will be crucial to highlight the personality of the brand in a clear and powerful way.

How will the customer’s attention be captured?

The secret is to be able to steal some mental time from people, which are more and more busy with cross thinking and pay less attention to understimulating visual events. An aspect which I always make a point of is the “renovated habit”: the excess of entertainment in a store is interesting but it has a limited time consumption.

Speaking about technologies, what should we expect?

I believe that in the future the integrated led screen in architecture will become absolutely one of the most essential technologies. At this point, a simple screen showing random images is obsolete. You will need what I call “Interactive Delight”, a gentle interactivity. Interactive engaging systems without any complication, a play of simulation and mistery, which allow people to enter a cinematographic dimension. The audience wants to be centre stage. As Andy Warhol said in the ‘50s, “one day everybody will have the chance to be famous at least for fifteen minutes”. And this is exactly what is happening now through the virtual world. I can safely say: “Chaos is beautiful and interesting if you know how to control it”.


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